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Welcome to Ballycastle tennis club,

Welcome to Ballycastle tennis club

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03/09/20 // Use of courts for club members

We must return to the FASTCOURTS system we started in June for Track and Trace purposes. In order to extend the hours the courts are available we are now asking all members to be responsible for opening and closing the club courts 6-9 for themselves. Courts 6-9 are for MEMBERS ONLY - sorry no visitors allowed. If members do not comply with the following rules the committee will be forced to return the club to limited opening hours. Any member who does not register themselves on FASTCOURTS for courts 6-9 before playing will have a 2 week ban from playing on the club courts. We must all take responsibility for keeping the club safe - here is how to play from Tuesday Sept. 1st - 1. Book your court on FASTCOURTS and add in which members you are playing with. Courts are available from 9am. 2. The code for the padlock on the gate is 1 9 7 0 . Do not give this code to any non member. 3. Leave the sanitiser on the table when you are playing. The black box on the court contains sanitisers, cleaning equipment and a first aid box. 4. LOCKING UP : if no other members are playing put the sanitiser back in the box and lock the courts. WHEN YOU ARE PLAYING - You are responsible for making sure no non members are allowed on the courts. It may be helpful to check the court bookings before you play so you know who should be there. WE CANNOT KEEP THE COURTS OPEN WITHOUT EFFECTIVE TRACK AND TRACE PROCEDURES. Unless the council reopen their office there will be no access to floodlights. We have had a successful Summer and thank all the members for being responsible and following the guidelines. Please follow the rules above and enjoy your Autumn Tennis !   Regards, Ballycastle Tennis Club

07/07/20 // Opening hours and booking

Dear Member, Good news, the council will have a court attendant at the tennis courts throughout July and August starting today Tuesday 7nd of July. Courts will be available to book from 10am to 8pm, last booking each day will be 7pm to 8pm. To book courts the telephone number is 07517132813. All bookings on the fastcourts system will be sent to the court attendant so bookings that have been made for this week will still be active. Please do not make any new bookings on fastcourts as of now as it will not be active. Regards Ballycastle Tennis Club

08/06/20 // Covid 19 officer guidelines

Ballycastle Tennis Club Covid Officer 1. Any club member over the age of 18 can act as Covid Officer. 2. As with all members, the Covid officer must have read and follow the current guidelines of Ulster Branch Tennis Ireland 3. Having more members willing to take on the role of Covid Officer will allow us to extend the hours of the courts being open 4. The Covid officer can have a court booked and play tennis while acting as Covid Officer. 5. The role of the Covid Officer is foremost to ensure that those playing on the courts are already named on the booking system. This is essential to allow effective tracking and tracing. 6. The Covid officer should also advise all members who arrive at the courts to follow the guidelines. A short synopsis is displayed just inside the gate of the courts. 7. In the meantime a committee member or Sean our club coach will take responsibility for opening and closing the courts. 8. When any member is booking a court they should check the Covid officer slot for the hour they are booking and if not already allocated will need to add their own name to this slot. Otherwise you will not be able to play at that time. Regulations are that there must be a covid officer present whenever the courts are open 9. It is every members responsibility to ensure that the guidelines are followed at all times.

25/05/20 // Covid 19 update for players

Hi everyone, please ensure that you have read the covid 19 players guidelines before playing on the courts. This is available at www.ballycastletennisclub.com

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