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Welcome to Carlton Squash Club,

Welcome to Carlton Squash Club

About the club, courts available and more...

Welcome to Carlton Squash Club!

We are a friendly, North Bedfordshire club. Based at the Emmaus site at the top of school lane in Carlton, we have two courts used for both squash and racquetball. New members are very welcome, whether experienced players or absolute beginners, male, female, young or not-so- young. We have a group of members who will be happy to meet you, show you around and have a knock with you. We’ll also make sure to find you opponents of an appropriate standard, making it easy for you to meet new people and play regularly. So get in touch and give squash a go. Whether played for fun or competitively, it’s a great game and the health benefits are second-to- none. Rackets and balls are provided for introductory sessions so all you need is some non-marking trainers.

For further information, email carltonsquashclub@gmail.com or visit the club website at www.carltonsquashclub.co.uk

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27/01/19 // Chairman's Update

Hello Carlton Squash Club Members. So another year passes at Carlton Squash Club, so it must be time for an update. We have had the usual January inquiries for the squash club and a few members join from these inquiries to add to the new ones who have joined throughout the year. Welcome to you all. Its always nice to see new faces at the club and great to see squash reaching new players. For those of us who are already hooked on squash its great to see this enthusiasm for the game. For a club the size of ours it is really pleasing to see such an active membership as we have. As you have probably all seen, the leagues continue to be a great success, with 30 plus players active in them over the course of the last year. It is a great way to get some games against players of a similar standard, and for those who don't play the leagues, for whatever reason, I'd strongly recommend giving it a go, its not really as serious as it sounds, just a great platform to play more squash. Massive thanks to Graham Russell in organising these, despite not playing currently. You may or may not be aware that we have two teams playing in the Northants league this season. For those who aren't aware it is a format where we play 5 singles games against another club. The team is ordered on form through www.squashlevels.com so most matches tend to be against a similar level player. Its a great evening of competitive squash but always very social, with teams taking turns to host home fixtures. With more interest there is possibilities of entering another team, so if you fancy joining one of the teams or indeed taking the lead on a new team then get in touch. Our current teams are sitting 2nd and 3rd in their respective divisions and play on a Tuesday and Wednesday. Members are welcome to come watch anytime. For all the latest new check out the Northants webpage: www.northants.squashclubs.net/index.php Our Junior programme has been running for over a year now and has been a fantastic addition to the club. Many thanks to Paul Mais who has been the driving force behind it. We have a core of about 8 players who are progressing nicely and most importantly enjoying their squash. We have plans in having a junior league, and hopefully get some inter club matches arranged this coming year. If you want to know more or have children keen on getting involved then please get in touch. The club handicap competition is reaching its climax. Piers O'Riordan has booked his place in the final, with the other semi final due to be played imminently between Rick Davis and Jeremy Prosser. Well done to all who took part. Hopefully we will be running some alternative competitions this year. The Club committee had the AGM back in October and the club is in a healthy state. In the short term we will continue to keep the costs down to enable us to provide great value squash for our members. In the medium term we do hope we can save enough to replace the existing shower and changing facilities which are certainly looking rather tired. If you are interested in helping out with the running of the club, joining the committee, or have any suggestions then please get in touch. That just about brings us up to date with the current situation at CSC. If you know anyone who wants to join then send their details on to us and we'll get the forms sent out. Enjoy your squash Pete Kelly

27/10/18 // Box Leagues

Congratulations to Mike Bowman, Simon North, Ben Norman and George Burden for winning divisions one to four respectively in the Sep/Oct leagues. The Oct/Nov leagues are now live.

16/09/18 // Membership Renewals

The current memberships expire on 30th September. You should have received an email from carltonsquashclub@gmail.com with instructions on how to renew your membership. It's a really quick and easy process. If you don't have the email, please send a message to the club email address and we'll sort it out. The door code will change on 1st October and won't be given to anybody until they've returned a membership form and paid their subs. We don't want anybody to miss out on any squash so please sort your renewal today!

26/07/18 // Court 2 - back in use

The floor is fixed.

25/07/18 // Court 2 - Out of Use

Sorry but, due to a hole in the floor, court 2 is currently out of use. We're endeavouring to get it repaired ASAP. If you have an upcoming booking for this court, you'll need to cancel it then re-book court 1. Apologies for any inconvenience.

20/04/18 // Squash Leagues - April/May leagues now active

Congratulations to Pete Kelly, Russ Graham, Mark Holbourn, Andrew Shirley and Piers O'Riordan, winners of divisions 1 to 5 respectively in the March/April leagues. Many thanks too to all of those who participated. The April/May leagues are now live... 1. Pete K, Mike, Rick, Simon N, Richard, Russ 2. Philip, Jeremy, Gary, Ben N, Peter, Mark Ho, John, David G 3. Ben J, George, Mark Ha, Andrew, David B, Jason, Graham 4. Chris, Paul, Nicola W-F, Steve, Piers, Harry (as a junior, please arrange matches via mum, Nicola), Ian 5. Geoff, Nicola V, Ed, Simon W, Will, Glen, Seb. (Seb is a new member - I'm sure the folks in div 5 will extend a warm welcome to him) End date is 27th May.

09/03/18 // March / April leagues

Congratulations to the Jan/Feb division winners... Div 1: Mike Bowman Div 2: Richard Slow Div 3: David Goodman Div 4: David Brough The divisions for March / April are... Division 1 Mike Bowman Peter Kelly Damian Pell Rick Davis Simon North Richard Slow Philip Martynski Division 2 Russ Graham Gary Tattersall Peter Turnbull Brian Conibere Ben Norman Jeremy Prosser David Goodman Ben Just Division 3 Mark Holbourn Mark Haylett John Wilkins George Burden Chris Vaughan Graham Russell Division 4 David Brough Nicola Wilson-Fowler Geoff Smith Andrew Shirley Jason Pritchard Paul Mais Steve Pike Division 5 Piers O'Riordan Nicola Vine Ed Schofield Simon Weston Glen Webb Harry Vine (junior - please contact via Nicola Vine) Matches to be played by 15th April, please.

09/03/18 // Tournament Finals

The finals of the recent handicap tournament will be played on Sat 10th March. There will be two matches: Pete Kelly and Rick Davis will compete in the final of the Shield at 3:30pm, to be followed by the box office event, Steve Adams v Damian Pell battling it out in the final of the main competition. Please do come along to offer some support.

29/01/18 // Racketball Open Session - 5 to 6:30pm this week

As part of our ongoing efforts to encourage more juniors to take up squash / racketball, we're hosting a Scouts group from Harrold on Wednesday 31st Jan, 6:30 to 7:30pm. As a result, the regular open Racketball session will finish 30 minutes earlier than usual.

25/01/18 // Revamped website

Paul Mais has done a sterling job of updating the squash club website. Take a look at www.carltonsquashclub.co.uk We'll add some more photos shortly. If you have any to share, send them to carltonsquashclub@gmail.com please.

02/01/18 // Squash Leagues

The latest round of box leagues concluded on 31st December. Many congratulations to Mike Bowman, Russ Graham and Phil Martynski for topping their respective divisions. Thanks to everybody that took part - we had 29 players who, between them, played 63 matches. The Jan/Feb leagues are now live, to be completed by 25th February... Division 1 Mike Bowman Rick Davis Damian Pell Simon North Peter Kelly Gary Tattersall Russ Graham Division 2 Brian Conibere Peter Turnbull Richard Slow Mark Haylett Ben Norman Mark Holbourn Jeremy Prosser Philip Martynski Division 3 Chris Vaughan Andrew Shirley David Goodman Jason Pritchard John Wilkins Ben Just George Burden Piers O'Riordan Division 4 Nicola Wilson-Fowler Ed Schofield Ian Stott Nicola Vine Geoff Smith Simon Weston David Brough Jamie Coulthard Glen Webb

02/01/18 // New Members

A warm welcome to Ollie Barker, David Brough and Glen Webb, all of whom have recently joined the club. They can be contacted via the 'Members' tab above.

19/12/17 // Handicap & Shield competitions - semi-finals and finals

The finalists of the main Handicap competition are Steve Adams and the winner of Brian Conibere v Damian Pell. Well done to Steve. The semi-final draw for the Shield is... - Ben Norman (-6) v Rick Davis (-12) - Gary Tattersall (-12) or David Goodman (-9) v Pete Kelly (-20) Good luck to all.

14/12/17 // Squash Leagues

The current squash leagues run until the end of the month so, if you're playing in that, please do try to get your games in. I plan to get the details of the January league out early in the New Year. I'll assume everyone listed in the Nov/Dec leagues will want to continue playing unless they tell me otherwise, although players not completing any matches in the Nov/Dec leagues will be removed unless they tell me in advance they want to stay in. If you're not listed below and want to take part in the next round of leagues, please just let me know. Current Div 1: Peter Kelly, Rick Davis, Mike Bowman, Damian Pell, Simon North, Gary Tattersall, Brian Conibere, Peter Turnbull. Div 2: Russ Graham, Richard Slow, David Goodman, Graham Russell, Mark Holbourn, Jason Pritchard, Ben Norman, Andrew Shirley, Mark Haylett, Jeremy Prosser. Div 3: Ian Stott, Simon Weston, Philip Martynski, Ben Just, Chris Vaughn, Nicola Wilson-Fowler, Piers O'Riordan, Nicola Stark, Geoff Smith, Ed Schofield, George Burden. Graham

11/12/17 // Feedback on our new court booking system

Today is the first day where club members have to use the FastCourts system to book a court at Carlton Squash Club. The paper booking sheets are now history! The committee welcome your feedback on the new online booking system. If you have any comments or suggestions, please just get in touch. Graham grussell1967@gmail.com

08/12/17 // Shield QF draw

Here is the eagerly anticipated QF draw... Mark Haylett (+3) v Pete Kelly (-20) – starts as per handicap Rick Davis (-12) v Phil Martynski (-6) – Rick starts on -6 Simon North (-10) v Ben Norman (-6) – Simon starts on -4 David Goodman (-9) v Gary Tattersall (-12) – Gary starts on -3 Matches to be played by 17/12.

08/12/17 // Handicap Semi-final draw

Here is the draw for the semi-finals, to be played by the 15th of December please... Nicola Wilson (+10) v Steve Adams (-11) Damian Pell or Nicola Stark v Brian Conibere (-6)

29/11/17 // Handicap Tournaments - deadline extended

The cut-off for matches to be played in the current rounds is now Sunday 3rd December. Results should be sent to Mike Bowman.

19/11/17 // Handicap Tourament - Quarter Final and Shield draws

HANDICAP TOURNAMENT QUARTER FINAL DRAW... Graham Russell (-10) v Steve Adams (-11) Nicola Wilson (+10) v Mark Houlbourn (-2) Damian Pell (-20) v Nicola Stark (+12) Brian Conibere (-6) v Jason Pritchard (0) SHIELD TOURNAMENT DRAW... PETER TURNBULL (-3) V GARY TATTERSALL (-12) – SUGGEST THAT GARY STARTS 0N -9 RICK DAVIS (-12) V BEN JUST (0) BEN NORMAN (-6) V ED SCHOFIELD (+8) MIKE BOWMAN (-30) V DAVID GOODMAN (-9) - MIKE TO START ON -21 MARK HAYLETT (+3) V RUSS GRAHAM (-7) PHIL MARTYNSKI (-6) V CHRIS VAUGHAN (0) SIMON NORTH (-10) V ANDREW SHIRLEY (0) IAN STOTT (0) V PETE KELLY (-20) Matches to be played by the 30/11 please and results to Mike Bowman, please. Handicaps and rules remain the same.

25/10/17 // Handicap Tournament - Round 1 Draw

There are 24 entrants. If you lose in round 1 and 2 you automatically enter the shield, so you await those losing in round 2 for Mike to make the draw). Here's round 1... ROUND 1 Rick Davis (-12) versus Nicola Stark (+12) START AS IS Jason Pritchard (0) versus Phil Martynski (-6) START AS IS Mark Haylett (+3) versus Gary Tattersall (-12) START AS IS Peter Turnbull (-3) versus David Goodman (-9) SUGGEST DAVID STARTS ON -6 V PETER ON 0 Steve Adams (-11) versus Russ Graham (-7) – SUGGEST STEVE STARTS ON -4 V RUSS ON 0 Andrew Shirley (0) versus Brian Conibere (-6) START AS IS Pete Kelly (-20) versus Ed Schofield (+9) START AS IS Chris Vaughan (0) versus Damian Pell (-20) START AS IS BYE TO ROUND 2 - NICOLA WILSON-FOWLER, MIKE BOWMAN, GRAHAM RUSSELL, BEN JUST, IAN STOTT, SIMON NORTH, MARK HOLBOURN AND BEN NORMAN Matches to be played by Sunday the 5th of November. There is nothing printed at the Club yet so if you play this weekend, please email me the result or text me on 07884 890100.

25/10/17 // Squash Leagues

Congratulations to Pete Kelly, Gary Tattersall, Ben Norman and Piers O'Riordan for winning their respective divisions in the Sep/Oct squash leagues. The next round of leagues will be released shortly. Graham

18/10/17 // Club Handicap Tournament

Please let Mike Bowman know if you would like to enter the Club handicap competition. Final date for entry is Friday the 20/10 and it's a £5 entry fee. This is a fun tournament culminating in a main and shield final. The plan is that lower league players will have a brilliant chance to beat higher league players? Why? Because Mike's setting the handicaps and it will be heavily in favour of the underdog!!! As an example, last year Mike's handicap was minus 15 up to 15. This year he'll be at minus 30. Any queries, please shout but we encourage all member over the age of 16, female or male, to enter please.

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