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Welcome to City of Vaughan,

Welcome to City of Vaughan

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Welcome to the City of Vaughan's online booking system.

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02/09/22 // New members - How to Create Account

Please note the inbox for fastcourts.com is part of a third party website - do not email. To have an account created for you, please visit or contact your local community centre to have an account created for you.

07/13/21 // Garnet A Williams Renovation - New location available to members

It is with exciting news that we announce that Garnet A WIlliam Community Centre is undergoing a complete revitalization. At this time, all access to the community centre is off limits to all members of the public. All Fitness Members can go to the new temporary Fitness centre locatation at 7700 Bathurst Street (Bathurst and Centre) visit vaughan.ca/fitness for details. For all your Squash needs, please book at Al Palladini Community Centre OR Maple Community Centre (currently closed for vaccine clinic).

02/11/19 // Frequently asked Questions

Q. What do I need to register and how do I sign up to FASTcourts? A. Provide your full name & email address to admin, under the "contact club admin" or provide that information to the Fitness Programmer. Q. How do I book a court? A. Select court, then click your desired time, and then select opponent from drop down menu. Both player names must be present on the booking. Q. How do I cancel my game? A.Login and click the "x" that appears under your name on the court booking. Only the player listed first in the time slot is able to cancel. Q.I forgot my password or login isn't working? A. Contact your community centre customer service staff (Garnet or Maple) and they can reset a temporary login password for you. Once it has been reset, you can change it via "your details" Q. A court was booked with my name but I didn't book it. What has happened? A.It is very possible that a member has selected the incorrect opponent and will make the change shortly after, If not contact "club admin" Q. Do I need to cancel my House League game on FASTcourts? A. YES. Court times must be freed up if a cancelation is necessary. The rescheduled game must also be booked Q. How far in advance can I book a court? A. You can book 7 days in advance (Sunday to Saturday) but cannot book 2 consecutive courts. Q. Can I book 2 consecutive courts? A. No, you may not book two court times back to back. Q. Can I Book the same court time but on multiple courts? A. No, this is considered the same as booking two consecutive courts and it is physically impossible to play on two courts at the same time. Q. Will my booking be deleted if only one name is on booking? A. Yes, if we notice a pattern and is consistently done bookings maybe randomly deleted from time to time.

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