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Welcome to Hook Squash,

Welcome to Hook Squash

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01/12/20 // Returning from COVID Lockdown - Playing Guidelines - UPDATED DECEMBER 1ST 2020

Gary Hales has been nominated as our COVID lead. Gary has put together risk assessment and detailed protocols which all members need to follow . Playing squash at Hook will mean you accept the guidelines.

Below are some key points of our guidelines, designed to try and enable safe squash playing to return to Hook (detailed guidelines on noticeboards in the club and emailed to all players):

DECEMBER UPDATE: Players from the same household or support bubble may play full squash; players from different households in a squash bubble (as administered by Gary) may play "sides" squash, or socially distanced practice sessions but cannot play full squash; no playing is permitted by players from different households who are not part of an official squash bubble (as administered by Gary); solo practice is allowed

1. Only TWO PLAYERS are allowed on court at any one time. Even if three or more players are from the same household or in the same squash bubble only two players are allowed on court.
2. Maximum court play time is 45 MINUTES. The courts sessions are 60 minutes long but after 45 MINUTES players must finish, clean down contact points and leave the building. This allows for about a 15 MINUTE window between players leaving and players arriving.
3. Players must wipe down all CONTACT POINTS (e.g. door handles, light switches, etc) that they have touched, when they have finished playing.
4. Players must take ALL ITEMS ONTO THE COURT with them. Bags, water bottles, towels, etc. should be put at the front of the court. They must not be left in the corridor.
5. Players MUST NOT WAIT IN THE CORRIDOR. If you turn up to play and somebody is still on your court (though they should have finished 15 minutes before the start of your session!) indicate to them that you have arrived and wait outside the building, in the alleyway. The only reasons to be in the corridor are to: change shoes, making your way to or from your court or cleaning contact points. Do not stay in the corridor changing clothes, chatting with other players, or watching players on court through the glass-backed door.

Each player must fob in on entry, so we can trace members if needed (only one person per family group needs to fob in)
Courts will have one hour/ 60mins slots, which must be booked on line to include all players where possible.
Note: we will be checking access records from fobs against court bookings, and failure to comply may result in player suspension
Maximum 45mins will be playing time, the remaining 15mins will be to gather belongings, sanitize for the next session (court and touch points), and leave the building minimising contact with other players arriving after your session.
No guests allowed for time being

We will provide hand sanitizer, cleaning sprays and paper towels so touch surfaces (door handles, light switches etc) can be cleaned by members
All belongings - bags, shoes, drinks bottles etc must be taken onto the court placed in front.
Players should come dressed ready to play, just change into your court shoes in corridor
There will be no access to changing rooms, showers, toilets or balcony
No handshaking or wiping hands on the walls.
Water fountain will be removed so bring your own water in a sealed bottle, to stay on court with you
No spectators in the corridor (apart from a coach).

Gary Hales will be available to coach 121 again - we will all be rusty and Gary can help you start back at your pace, and develop some good skills. Please contact Gary directly at [email protected]

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