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Welcome to Moycullen Handball Club ,

Welcome to Moycullen Handball Club

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Cumann Liathróid Láimhe Mhaigh Cuilinn,
Baile Dóite,
Maigh Cuilinn,
Co. na Gaillimhe

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28/06/22 // CAUTION WET FLOOR 60X30

Hi All, Please note big alley (60x30) floor is wet as there is several leaks on the roof. This needs to be repaired. BE ADVISED PLAYERS ARE PLAYING AT THERE OWN RISK

15/06/22 // 2022 softball Nationals

A Chairde, We have just released the 2022 Irish Softball Nationals event which takes place in Wexford Venues on Friday 15th & Saturday 16th July. It’s three years since our last very successful Softball Nationals event which attracted record numbers in all grades. The Mens and Ladies Open competitions is once again a singles event with ranking points on offer to help determined the top seeds for the championship that is played in August and September. The remaining Adult and the Junior grades are all Doubles events. Further information can be found in the link below: https://www.gaahandball.ie/news/irish-softball-nationals-2022-entry-open Irish Softball Nationals 2022 - Entry Open | GAA Handball Irish Softball Nationals 2022 - Entry Open | GAA Handballpage of the Official GAA Handball website' www.gaahandball.ie

09/05/22 // Joe O'Reilly Cup

Hi Members, Were having a 60x30 competition for the Joe O'Reilly cup starting the 1st June entry fee 10 Euro. For first round losers go into a plate comp. Please confirm interest 087 276 4847 Thanks Tony

09/02/22 // Lights €6/Hour

Dear member, in light of increasing energy costs (lights and heat) and diminished revenue over the past 2 years, the Committee has decided to increase the meter charge for lights to €6/hour, with effect from Monday February 14th. It is worth noting that the charge for lights has remained unchanged for nearly twenty years, since 2004. Additionally, the Club, unlike many other Clubs, does not charge separately for the shower facilities. In the case of two members playing the increase equates to €1 each and, in the case of a doubles match, 50 cent extra per player - this still represents good value for money. The Committee will review the situation in six months time. Thanking you for your cooperation.

18/11/21 // Playing Guidelines Oct 2021

All members are asked to adhere rigidly to the national guidelines, in the coming days and weeks members are asked, and expected to be very vigilant i terms of anti-Covid measures. Use sanitizers and wear facemasks at all times at the alley except while playing in the courts. Summary of latest measures from October 22nd Indoor Sport The use of the EU Digital COVID Certificate (vaccine or recovery certificate) will be required for accessing indoor sporting activities and events. Where individuals have mixed immunity status, pods of up to 6 participants will be permitted (excluding adult coaches/instructors). Multiple pods will be permissible subject to protective measures. The overall number of pods will have regard to the size of venue and there should be substantial social distance between individual pods. For Vaccinated individuals no fixed capacity limits apply to these activities. Vaccinated spectators attending indoor sporting events should be fully seated. Sporting Organisations should continue to implement strong protocols with regard to training, competition and other sporting activities. These will include: The collection of contact tracing data. The use of COVID 19 Officers. Recommending symptomatic individuals do not participate in or attend sporting activities. The ongoing promotion of good respiratory & hand hygiene. The wearing of face coverings in relevant settings. Ensuring that indoor spaces are well ventilated. Consideration of indoor space densities and duration of indoor activities. --

06/06/21 // Indoor Handball Returns - Monday 7th June

Indoor courts reopen for INDIVIDUAL training only (2 members from the one family can train together). Book courts in the normal way through Fastcourts. Adhere to the guidelines below and ENJOY. Restrictions in the 26 counties From 7 June Outdoor sports matches & competition can recommence. Indoor facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, leisure centres and sports clubs can reopen for individual training.A parent/guardian can be present with a Juvenile player. Two members of the same household can train together. One-to-one training between a participant and instructor/coach can take place. The training must be supervised by a coach or a trainer accredited by GAA Handball. In relation to one-to-one training for Juveniles, to comply with Child Safeguarding guidelines a parent/guardian must also be present if one to one training is taking place with a coach. In this case a maximum of 3 people are allowed to be present with social distancing measures in place. The above can take place providing the following is implemented: Any demonstration of equipment or technique should ensure that a minimum of 2m social distancing is maintained. Individual equipment should not be shared. In the case of fixed equipment, cleaning of such equipment must be completed immediately after demonstration and before the individual participant uses. There should be no hands-on adjustments or physical contact during training sessions. Coaches and trainers are asked to refer to the HSE guidance on wearing of face coverings. The training must be supervised by a coach or a trainer accredited by GAA Handball. From 5 July (Subject to Public Health) Indoor sports training, exercise and dance activities can recommence in pods of up to 6. The numbers permitted at outdoor organised events can further increase to a maximum of 200 for the majority of venues, with a maximum of 500 for outdoor stadia/venues with a minimum accredited capacity of 5,000 Further information can be found here:https://www.gov.ie/en/press-release/7894b-post-cabinet-statement-resilience-and-recovery-the-path-ahead/

11/12/19 // COURT 1 - Handball Only

Dear Member, as the Handball championship season is upon us- from Monday 16th December (inclusive) Court 1 is being reserved and given priority for HANDBALL. If after 9:30pm, on any given evening, slots are still available for the following day, then those slots are free to all. Court 1 is also going to be repainted soon as it is heavily marked at the moment.

14/11/19 // Booking FastCourts & Cancellation Reminder

Dear Member, To all members, please note that all logins should now be on the current Fastcourts v.2 platform. In case it may not be clear to all, cancelling your booked slot is done by clicking the red 'X' in your booked slot and click 'Delete Now' upon where you will receive an email confirming this. It is paramount that should a booking need to be cancelled that the member that booked same do so, in order for this slot to become available to other members. It is only fair and reasonable to request that all members adhere to such protocols in the interest of and fairness to themselves and all members at this time of year when the availability of the courts is in peak demand. Rgds Club Committee

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