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Welcome to Kilmington Tennis Club

30/09/21 // Court open Padlock number changed - Coffee Morning Monday 11th October

The court has been resurfaced and is ready for play! All members will have received the new padlock number. Any queries do get in touch [email protected] or 07912272102 Members are invited to a coffee morning at the Kilmington Cricket Pavilion on Monday 11th October from 11.00am-1.00pm

07/08/21 // Closure of Tennis Court from 16th August 2021

The Tennis Court will be out of action from 16th August for 8 weeks which will be until 13th October 2021. As you may be aware the surface is beginning to crumble and becoming dangerous to play on - through subscriptions and grants we are now able to afford to have the court completely resurfaced. We will keep you updated and send a new padlock number out to all members as soon as we are able to use the court again. Any queries please contact Sue Moore 01297 32361

03/06/21 // Tennis court reopening from 12th April 2021

The tennis court is now open again thanks to an easing of Covid 19 regulations. Subscriptions from members of the club are now due and reverting to the 2019 amount of £35 for adult members. The padlock key number has been changed on 1st June 2021. The Court can be booked through 'FAST COURTS' https://fastcourts.com/clubs/kilmington-tennis-club Guest players will see the 'Welcome guest players' note on screen and can click on that. Payment is through Paypal. To access the court put in the four digit number on the padlock. For help please contact Sue Wells 07912272102 We are planning for a resurfacing of the court this summer which will obviously mean closing for play for however long it takes. As yet we have no date from the contractor for this work. Information will be posted as soon as it is available. We are in need of new blood on the Tennis club committee and would be pleased to hear from anyone willing to help us out. This is a small club which runs fairly informally; being a committee member does not entail a lot of work. Since last year many more players have joined the club and we would be glad to hear from any of you out there willing to give up a bit of your time to help keep the club running. Susan Moore (01297 32361) Sue Wells (01297 444289)