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Welcome to St James Tennis Club Brighton,

Welcome to St James Tennis Club Brighton

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All, Please ensure that Visitors fees and Light fees are paid. We have increased the fee for each category from $5.00 to $7.50 per 30 minutes (so if you are playing for an hour with a visitor without lights, that's $15.00. If you’re playing with a visitor and using lights and playing for an hour, that’s $30.00) Payment into the club account can be made prior to play Bank: CBA BSB/Account Number: 063156 00900455 St James TC Committee

25/04/21 // Important update on checking in

The Victorian government has made it mandatory for organisations to use the Victorian Government QR Code Service. We request members to please observe signage and scan the QR Code when arriving at the Club as displayed on the court gate and clubhouse windows.

01/03/21 // Club Maintenance and Neighbourly Relations

We take pride in the presentation of our Clubhouse and court surfaces - as members of our Club, please take care of our assets as you would your own home...by keeping it clean and respecting our neighbours. We have recently appointed a new Court Maintenance firm to proactively look after the court surface and other assets to improve the playing experience - we hope you enjoy it. We have also had some new priests move into the Presbytery. Please do say hello.

22/12/20 // Club Access

Murphy street access closed. Please access the courts via St James Close from now on.

31/01/18 // Construction Site Access Prohibted

Whilst the St James church is under construction, access to the fenced off construction site is strictly prohibited. In instances where balls have entered the site, they cannot be retrieved. Any members jumping the fences will be subject to CCTV and legal action for trespass. Importantly, the site is dangerous and we do not want you to risk your personal safety.

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